5 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Staff Training

A good employee training program is the backbone of organizational development. If you want your business to move forward, you need to always get or create top talent.
Staff training, however, tends to become stagnant with the lack of resources. This happens especially in small businesses. Because, let’s face it, if you want to improve your staff training program you need either more money or more time. And small businesses have a shortage of both. 
But, the big BUT, is that you don’t always need money or time to invest in training and make it better. You just need a little creativity!
Read our 5 best tips to creatively improve your staff training and you will see that with little initiative and motivation, your employee training will be inspiring new talent very soon!
1. Ask the staff.
I am sure you get regular feedback from your staff about work processes and procedures. Now is the time to start asking them about training as well. The easiest way to do that is to create a “Creative training ideas” box and allow everyone to put his or hers in anonymously.
Another way to utilize the potential that you already own is to ask each employee to make a full list of their skills and competences that relate to their job description or not. Then look at the lists and identify if some employees posses skills that will be valuable for others – let them train each other!
2. Turn the meeting room into a playroom. 
Game-based education has been around for a while now. From simulations to competitions, games have been an integral part of professional training and education for years.
Having a competition among your sales people about who will apply best the new software that you have purchased will motivate them to learn how to use it faster than a lecture about it.
Games keep learning and working fun, and this is always great for employee morale. Moreover, organizing a competition or a challenge among employees will cost you near to nothing but the effects just might exceed your expectations.
3. Get out of the office.
A creative way to improve the effects of your training is to get out of the office. If you are having a computer based learning experience, you might want to do it in a cafeteria where everyone brings their own laptop. If it’s a lecture you might want to go to the park and have the presenter stand next to a tree while explaining new concepts.
Nowadays there are so many companies that offer creative training environment from team building to virtual classrooms so you have quite achoice in front of you.
4. Cross-training.
Do you know other business owners that have staff with the skills yours needs? Can you offer market insights and specific knowledge? 
Why not team up with a non-competing business and let employees cross-train each other?
Imagine that they have been using your new accounting software for years and you have experience in international shipping that they want to try out. Help each other – it will be fun and free!
5. Get outside help.
One of the best ways to improve your staff training is to get professional help.Training agencies are focused on creating the best environment and using the newest technology for employee training. They know how to make it fun and effective in the same time.
You don’t need to outsource all of your training at once, but just give professional trainers a chance – they might just be the fresh breath of air that your staff needed!
These are only five ideas to get you started on improving your staff training. Remember – when you don’t have an idea how to improve staff training it’s okay to look for professional help. Getting your staff into a training center can turn out to be more effective and much cheaper than you originally thought.
Most of all – keep training fun by incorporating gamification and make it relevant by always asking for feedback.

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