7 Proven Reasons Why Legal Training Makes Managers Better Leaders

Leadership training. Who hasn’t heard of it?

Businesses give high importance to leadership training but rarely have any solid goals behind it. When asked why they conduct leadership training, 63% of businesses answer “to have better leaders”.

What does this mean?

A better leader is one who contributes to the business and to the development of others and increases the success of the company by protecting its interests and people and promoting sustainability.

Most business owners would agree with this statement. But they would be forgetting something very important – each and every company operates in a legal environment that can easily define the success or failure of its operations.

That’s why legal training should be an essential part of managers’ development programs that turn them into better leaders.

We don’t like to just talk so we listed the

7 reasons to legally train your managers

Through legal training managers become better leaders and here is the proof….

Notice issues before they become problems

Legally trained managers might not be able to solve legal troubles but they can avoid them. A good leader takes note of weaknesses in the business and addresses them fast. Legal issues can become costly if not managed in a timely manner. A well trained manager shows leadership capabilities in avoiding legal problems.

Lead by example

One of the main reasons for legal problems to arise is employment law. A well trained leader can reduce the occurrence of harassment and discrimination cases by teaching best practices to his team. By behaving in ethical and legally correct way the manager creates a culture of integrity that is taken on by the whole team.

Solve legal issues faster

A manager who knows what to do when a legal crisis arises is a real leader. The biggest issue with legal problems is that they happen fast and can’t be handled as quickly as they should. The reason for that is simple – management doesn’t know what to do. They call the lawyer for every little thing. With the right training managers can take initiative an action and only contact the lawyer when really necessary.

….and cheaper

Being able to review a contract or to start a debt recovery procedure without getting billed for lawyer hours can save a huge amount of money to a small business! As soon as your managers have the skillset, give them space for initiative and allow them to solve small legal issues without a lawyer….and without a huge bill.

Take better decisions

Your lawyer knows what’s best from a legal perspective. But your managers know what’s best for the business. You can turn them into real leaders if you allow them to understand the law and take informed decisions about the business. By seeing the whole picture – legal and business – your managers can promote a win-win solution and lead the team to better performance.

Protect the company and staff

A good leader is strict and fair but always protects the team and company from outside threats. Legal training allows managers to know when their team is right and have the legal knowledge to back them up.

Know when to call the lawyer

Most important of all, your leaders need to know when to back off and call the lawyer. There is a limit to what you can do without a legal degree and they should know it well. Because being a good leader is not only about going forward with the team but sometimes about taking a step back and letting others do their work.

Legal training will definitely not make your managers lawyers.

And it shouldn’t, because they are not. But it will definitely improve the way they manage your team. Their awareness of the issues your company might face will increase allowing them to take preemptive action.

The law is not scary when made simple. Giving your management access to legal knowledge is the only way businesses can reduce legal costs and use business law to their advantage.

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