7 Signs Your Company Training Needs A Redesign

Every company is a living organism and is in constant change. Company training, however, is something rarely looked at and once systems are in place it seldom gets a review.

In the end, why would you fix something that is not broke?

Well, in this article we want to show you

7 Signs Your Company Training Is Broken

It is easy to know when employees point it out and say they need training for completing a certain task. But what happens when THEY are not even aware that they are doing something wrong? This is where you company training needs a redesign – when it is unclear what is the right way of conduct.

We created this list to give you pointers to know when to look closer at your training and maybe even re-design it from scratch.

Our best advice is to NOT wait until ALL of the signs appear in your company. Even if one of these situations happens more than once it detects a company-training gap that you need to fill before you need to manage a crisis situation.

Just to make a quick note – you don’t need to wait for any of these signs to appear, if your organization is undergoing a change or you want change to happen, company training is the first place to start.

The 7 Signs:

  1. There are conflicts between new and old employees. When new and old employees have different ideas of how things are supposed to be done, this identifies a gap in the training of either of them. Everyone needs to be on the same page.
  2. Employees need to consult supervisors constantly. This is a strong sign that employees are not sure of their roles and responsibilities. It might also mean that they lack the confidence to execute tasks, or are missing tools or information they need to do their job.
  3. Employees do not want to participate in team building activities. This one is a tricky sign – it can mean quite a lot of things but it always leads to the core problem of employees not identifying with the organization. This points out at the lack of company culture-oriented training. Making sure that you create a coherent company culture is an essential part of the training process.
  4. Quick turnaround – employees come and go for the same positions. The reason is very often that employees just don’t feel comfortable on their job. When employees are not clear on their roles are, they tend to leave the organization and find employment where work is clearly defined and transparent. The lack of clear responsibility hierarchy can confuse employees and make them want to leave.
  5. Tasks take longer than expected to be completed. If you were expecting a presentation ready in 4 days and it took two weeks to complete there is something wrong – either the wrong person is doing it or the right person lacks the resources to complete their task. In any case if you are not satisfied with long delivery times, you need to look at the training you provide employees.
  6. You hear people blaming each other for mistakes. This is one of the strongest signs that there is need for training re-design. When company training is broken, employees tend to see responsibility as hanging in the air, not belonging to anyone. Make sure you have designed training that will help your employees find the roots of problems and not blame each other for them.
  7. Deliverables strongly differ from the expected. Finally, if the results are different from the stated expectations then most probably you have a training design issue on your hands. When training is healthy and clear, everyone knows what and how he or she are supposed to do without needing to consult each other every other hour.

If any of these 7 signs are present in your organization or your department, you need to talk first to your HR and then to supervisors and employees. You might want to identify the training gaps they experience, and address them in a re-designed training aiming at creating pleasant working atmosphere and excellent results. 

Don’t let the lack of proper training break your business – look for professional instructors and training services that can help you in the process!

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