A Little Known Way To Understand Business Law

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Not knowing business law is inefficient. And as a business owner you know that efficiency is key to reducing costs and increasing revenue.

But it’s not your fault that you don’t know the law. Unless you have a business degree, you have most probably never heard of business law.

The Business Lawyer Dilemma

When entrepreneurs start a business they haven’t the slightest idea of how many legal aspects a business has. But the reality is that hiring an in-house lawyer is not right for the tight budgets of most small business lawyers and they choose to have a legal advisor instead. This can also become quite pricy if you call your lawyer for every little thing – most lawyers will charge you by the hour. Sometimes it turns out that you just needed to download and fill out a form from the Internet and you end up paying for lawyer hours!

Wanting constant legal advice and reassurance that you are doing the things right is very understandable when you don’t have any idea of business law.

The Interesting Choice Of Doing Things Yourself

And that’s when most business owners who don’t want to call their legal consultant every other day and spend hundreds of dollars on legal advice go online.

There is a ton of legal advice online and some of it is pretty good. However, most of the entrepreneurs I talk to say that they just get overwheşmed with all of the contradicting information they find online and can never be sure what’s up to date or even legitimate.

They end up reading and re-reading contracts in an attempt to finally understand the difference between a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement….

So business lawyers end up with solutions that are either too expensive (a lawyer) or a too unreliable (online research) and live in constant fear of making a legal mistake.

If your business has never been taken to court or you never had to pay a fat fine for not filing papers on time, you are one of the lucky ones. Every business owner knows that luck won’t take them so far and it’s no different in business law.

Recently a friend who owns a busişness got terrified by the horror story of another entrepreneur being taken to court because of selling 5-year extended warranty when the Australian Competition Law already required a 5-year compulsory warranty for their type of product. That friend realized she has been making the same mistake with her custom kitchen counter installations but just nobody had complained yet.

How to beat the legal anxiety and become business law savvy in 30 days

Anxiety in business law comes from not knowing the basics. If your accountant starts talking about assets and liabilities, you need to know at least what that means, right?

With business law it’s exactly the same….and there is one way to become more confident…


Self-education is a powerful way to gain confidence and know that the legal decisions you take won’t chase you to court.

I don’t mean getting a law degree here.

There are many legal resources for business owners by reputable and experienced lawyers who understand that law sounds like ancient Latin to you and you need it simplified and practical. A quick research online will help you find business law events in your area like workshops, seminars, meetings, speaking events, networking events and presentations. Find a lawyer that seems reliable and has good recommendations and visit their event. You will be surprised how much you can şlearn from a face-to-face interaction where you can ask your questions and feel in a safe zone.

Why you need 30 days to get your basics right

For 30 days you should be able to:

Business law is not easy, but knowing the basics that you need as a business owner is. You don’t need to spend hours online or ask your lşegal consultant for every little thing.

There is a better way – through education, and just the right amount that will make you business law savvy but won’t feel like getting another degree.

There are many free and paid educational resources that you can use, and to not feel overwhelmed, take it one step at a time – start with a short workshop or a seminar with the basics (link) and move forward with more knowledge as you identify your specific business needs.

Look, there is no need to panic and try to absorb tons of information.

You are most probably doing everything right but why not make sure of that?

A legal mistake can be costly and a real pain for your business and even cost you a lot of embarrassment.

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