Business Legal Training In Australia Is Like Kinder Surprise

Kinder Surprise is a product that brings most people back to countless lovely childhood memories. Peeling of the packaging, opening the milky chocolate egg, finding the box with the toy, the excitement of the surprise inside, the time spend in figuring out how to put it together and of course, collecting matching toys and trading with friends…

Who can forget all of this – goodness after goodness, always better than what you remember it to be.

No wonder Kinder Surprise have been a market leader for such a long time – they delight every child and their concept is just perfect – make them like the chocolate and fall in love with the experience.

Now you are probably thinking:

Yeah, I remember all of this and that’s why I also buy Kinder Surprise for my children, but….what does this have to do with business legal training in Australia?

Bare with us for a moment and you will find out because

Business Legal Training In Australia Is Just Like Kinder Surprise.

Before you see it the way we do, we need to make one little note: not all business legal training in Australia is the same. Here we are only talking about professional, interactive and practical education for businesses and we can’t be sure that everyone will deliver the same value (just as not every egg made of chocolate gives you the Kinder Surprise experience).

First of all, business legal tarining is not for lawyers. It is practical, business and case syudy oriented and it aims at giving entrepreneurs the confidence that they are doing it right.

It’s also not expensive. Just like Kinder Surprise, a legal workshop or a short course is very affordable.

On the other hand it makes your brain work and it develops your business skills, just like the toys in Kinder Surprise. For example, imagine you go to employement law workshop for your business. In a practical and interactive environement you will get hundreds of new ideas on improving your employee contracts and providing better working conditions for your staff, and this will be even before you are out of the workshop.

And just like Kinder Surprise, the best part is still to come. If you are like most kids you first put the toy together and kept the chocolate for the end. Busienss legal training is the same – you get the know-how and information you need but you start really appreciating the training once you go back to business as usual and apply what you learned. Then you see the real benefits of the training – saving money, getting faster payments, avoiding lawsuits, protecting your business…

Collecting and trading toys with friends creates a strong bond. Business legal training makes connections in the same way. If you choose a live training or workshop you are bound to meet a good lawyer. She can become your trusted advisor and go-to person for legal matters. If you are happy with what you learn, why not get her to be your business lawyer? On top of that you are meeting with other busienss owners obviously facing the same challenges as you are. Networking is always good for business and meeting new partners at a legal business workshop shouldn’t surprise you.

You see? Business legal training in Australia is the Kinder Surprise of small business.

And it is not for lawyers only! Knowledge of the law is what every small business owner or manager needs, to make sure they are taking the best decisions possible for their company.

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