• Gain an understanding of key areas of business law
  • Identify the key legal obligations which apply to your organisation
  • Appreciate how the law regulates business behaviour
  • Understand how to use contracts to manage business process and risk
  • Manage risk arising from non-contractual liability
This introductory class will combine tutorial sessions and case studies with interactive learning exercises. All attendees will be provided with a workbook and a certificate of completion.
Thanks Katherine for your wonderful presentation. You offered masses of information which is so valuable, especially for we startup businesses!
Stephanie Moxham- THE REASSEMBLER

Introduction to Business Law in Australia

How does our legal system work?
  • Law and the legal system
  • Legislation/ Case Law
  • Structure of Courts
  • Sources of Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Contract law

    What is a contract? When is a contract formed?
    • Factors Affecting Contract Performance
      1. Requirements in Writing
      2. Consideration
      3. Capacity
      4. Consent
    • Understanding and mitigating risks in the contract process
    • Interpreting Contracts
    • Ending a contract


      • Introduction to torts
      • Remedies: Damages, injunctions, etc
      • Negligence in business
      • Defamation and relationship to business

        Consumer Law in Australia

        • Outline of the Australian Consumer Law
        • Consumer Guarantees
          LESSON FIVE

          The Law of Business Organisations

          • Different forms of business structure
          • Legal obligations for companies
            LESSON SIX

            Employment Law

            • Common issues in the employment relationship
            • Employer/employee relationships
            • Employment contracts
            • Vicarious liability and fiduciary obligations
              LESSON SEVEN


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