Debt Recovery For Business

This course conducts a mock court scenario to provide participants with an experience similar to an actual Local Court trial. It will be interactive with attendees engaged in the theatre of the presentation as either participants or observers. No business owner should miss this course. Poor debt recovery costs is the reason may small businesses fail. It is important for your staff are properly trained in the art of debt recovery.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, you will:

• be able to distinguish between the different entities recognised in law;
• be able to draft your own debt recovery letter and commence proceedings;
• be able to explain the legal process by which a judgment is obtained and enforced;
• be able to decide the most appropriate enforcement mechanism in a range of circumstances;
• be able to develop strategies to assist in assessing the debt; and
• know the relevant provisions of legislation regarding debt recovery

Course duration: 2 hours

Instruction method: Face-to-face

Available dates

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Here’s what you’ll learn

Introduction to Business Law in Australia

You will learn: • Law and the legal system • Legislation/Case Law • Structure of Courts • Sources of Law • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Debt Recovery Part 1

The process to obtain an judgment order from the Local Court. This is the first step in the process.

Debt Recovery Part 2

Once a judgment order has been obtained then the process of actually collecting the outstanding amount.

Commencing Proceedings and Enforcement

You will learn how to: • Draft letter of demand • Draft summons • Attend Court • Obtain Judgement Debt • Set Aside/Appeal Including how to prepare and present yourself in the Local Court.

Course Schedule

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