If you are a woman with unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit and you think it’s time you live the rest of your life on your own terms by starting your own business, this is YOUR course!

The world of online sales and services If going overseas with your business, delivering products internationally or working with clients from different cultures sounds scary, this business law course will make you confident and empower you to take the leap.

About the course

What happens to my business if I have an accident or die?
How safe is it to sell internationally?
Do I need to incorporate?

Those are just a few of the questions you’re probably asking yourself if you’re looking into expanding your business internationally (I know scary, right?) and they’re just the top of the iceberg.

Growing your business to become the next Sara Blakely is a dream come true! But it can turn into a legal nightmare with international business laws, returns and refunds, and director’s responsibilities. If you too think like Katherine, your instructor, that your business is your baby, maybe it’s time to prepare it to take on a life on its own.

With the help of a lawyer that gets YOU, you’re about to become part of the most important business law event for women – an online legal course to make your business legally sexy!

What's in the course?

You’ll learn how to easily protect your business even if something happens to you – how a will and a succession plan can keep your “child” safe

You’ll learn why it isn’t so scary to sell and service clients overseas and how to be internationally “untouchable”

You’ll learn why it’s fun to be a director, but also how to not let your company ruin your life

Katherine will give you her recipes for getting ahead of the competition, keeping the fair play and being customer’s favourite

You’ll learn how to take care of the one thing women entrepreneurs forget, because we’re just so nice people

You’ll know what your international contract right are and not get tricked by the applicable law

Who is this course for?

– mumpreneurs
– home based business owners
– women freelancers
– women entrepreneurs
– female executives
– female managers

Course structure

5 study weeks with 2 hours of lectures, assignments and templates each week

Why this course and why now?

Thanks Katherine for your wonderful presentation. You offered masses of information which is so valuable, especially for we startup businesses!
Stephanie Moxham- THE REASSEMBLER

Law might sound boring but saving money and trouble for your business doesn’t. That’s what you will learn to do with us in a fun and interactive way! Our courses are different – they are both entertaining, useful and informative. Sign up now because there is no better time to get an understanding of the to law to start getting more clients that trust you, preventing illegal activity and improving your business reputation..

Protecting your business & succession planning

    Consumer and Competition

      Oversea expansion – international business law

        Directors Duties

          Enforcing contracts and breach – what to do

            Thanks Katherine for your wonderful presentation. You offered masses of information which is so valuable, especially for we startup businesses!
            Stephanie Moxham- THE REASSEMBLER

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