If you are a woman with unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit and you think it’s time you live the rest of your life on your own terms by starting your own business, this is YOUR course!


About the course

What is the right business structure for your business idea?
Can someone steal your business idea?
Lease or website?

Those are just a few of the questions you need to be asking yourself if you are about to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Starting your own business is away for many women to feel empowered and follow their dreams, just like Katherine, your instructor that has experienced first hand what it is to be a women in business and has a few very tricky tips for you!

With the help of a female lawyer that gets YOU, you’re about to become part of the most important business law event for women – an online legal course to make you legally sexy!

Thanks Katherine for your wonderful presentation. You offered masses of information which is so valuable, especially for we startup businesses!
Stephanie Moxham- THE REASSEMBLER

What's in the course?

This course will teach women entrepreneurs everything they need to know to start a business
You will learn what is the right business structure for your business idea
You will learn how to protect your idea from day one so nobody else can make money out of it
You will learn how Katherine build a family of professionals for support
You will learn the legal ins and outs of setting up your website or signing your first lease
You will know all of the licenses and regulations that apply to your idea so you can budget smart and be ready to register

Who is this course for?

– mumpreneurs
– home based business owners
– women freelancers
– women entrepreneurs
– female executives
– female managers

Course structure

5 study weeks with 2 hours of lectures, assignments and templates each week

Why this course and why now?

Law might sound boring but saving money and trouble for your business doesn’t. That’s what you will learn to do with us in a fun and interactive way! Our courses are different – they are both entertaining, useful and informative. Sign up now because there is no better time to get an understanding of the to law to start getting more clients that trust you, preventing illegal activity and improving your business reputation..



Understanding and choosing a business structure

    Licences and government regulations

      Protecting your business idea


          How to build your family of professionals

            Leases to websites – what you need to be aware of before starting

            Set up – location of your business

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