Creating Engagement through Technology

One of the challenges for any lecturer or trainer is to inspire and engage students in material that they may view as dull or “why do I have to know this”. For most of us as educators we enjoy seeing that light bulb moment in the student, when they finally connect with the material and start to explore the topic on their own. Five years ago I did not even have a facebook page and had no idea what widgets where (no they are not little flying insects), however today I can create engaging lecturers and tutorials due to some simple but effective tools.

The first tool is the planning – work out what activities link to a learning outcome. I find that I use a simple table with the topics, learning outcomes and how the activity aids in the learning outcomes. Creating engagement is not about playing a video just because it is entertaining but rather playing it because it links to a key learning outcome.

To help you get started – feel free to download my presentation on Creating Engagement which has some useful tools.

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