How Education Can Solve Your Legal Business Problems

Do you run to your lawyer every time that you are facing a legal issue? Do you start searching the Internet for advice when you are not sure about the content of a contract?

You can stop worrying and start learning! There is a very easy way to solve many of your small business legal problems through inexpensive, fast and interesting courses.

Not convinced? We thought so too and compiled a list of the most common business legal problems and how education can help you solve them:

1. The employee knows contract law better than you

Are you wondering why new employees are smiling when they sign with you? Maybe they see something in the contract that you have missed and they have a plan to suck out every penny out of you.

A brief legal course would show you how a really good (for your company) employment and post-employment (yes, you need that too) contract really looks like.

2. Your supplier/partner had the contract reviewed by a lawyer and you didn’t

Opps, you didn’t read the fine print? Well, your supplier didn’t as well but their lawyer sure did.

Basic small business law course will not only teach you how to read contracts, when they can be enforced and when not, and how to avoid claims. It will also teach you when to run to your lawyer for advice.

3. Clients and customers never pay on time

Are you struggling to get your money? Ever heard of debt recovery? Yes, there is a whole business industry based on it. However, if you ever get the chance to go to a debt recovery course – don’t miss it!

You will learn that with a few letters you can scare people enough to make them pay promptly (or alternatively set up systems in your business to not incur debt)

4. Thinking that a sole trader has no responsibilities

Your business is in debt and banks are taking away your personal car. Are you surprised? Many business owners think that their personal property is safe even if the business goes down.

Wrong. As a sole trader you are 100% responsible for your business’s debts. Want less responsibility? Choose another business structure.

And yes, small business education starts with business structures so a course will cover everything you need to know about them, and probably save your car and home.

5. Operating without a license and getting your business closed

Have you double-checked what licenses you need to operate your business legally? It is much smarter to educate yourself on the topic before authorities come to close down the premises you are operating on because of the lack of permits.

Every consultant or legal course will give you sufficient information to make you fear operating without a license. But, most importantly a basic legal course will teach you when you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a license because you don’t need one.

6. You and your partner didn’t sign an agreement and now your relationship getting ugly

Didn’t you know that you might be held responsible for each other’s debts? You should have known better. Partnerships are great until the enthusiasm wears off – then it’s every man for himself, if you don’t have a contract.

Contracts are the base of small business legal education. Never sign up for a course that doesn’t cover them!

7. You don’t think you need to register a trademark and now someone is using your signature sauce

“This is our sauce, they have no right!” But they do, unless you did your homework.

A trademark belongs to you automatically, right? At least that’s what you have been told….Well, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

A good legal course will deal with the matters of intellectual property that can make or break a business.

8. A new job opening applicant is suing you for discrimination

She just thinks you don’t like women. And you thought you followed every rule and procedure that you knew of….But when was the last time you checked discrimination laws? I guess not lately.

Getting regular updates on the law that affects your company directly is crucial to stay ahead in business. Employment and discrimination laws are on the top of that list and every legal course for business covers those.

9. Customers try to return goods and your front desk personnel won’t take them back because you told them not to

Small business law course would have taught you that commercial law already arranges dealing with returns and discounts. You can’t make up your own mind, there are laws you have to follow, and you could have save yourself the trouble if you had just known them.

10. You don’t have Terms and Conditions on your website because nobody reads them anyway

Maybe nobody reads them but courts do. They are your online contract and you better spend a couple of hours drafting them than hundreds of dollars on a customer who makes up their own terms.

Isn’t it better to be the party that actually read the contract? But, hey, you would already know that if you had undertaken business legal training (a 5 hour workshop will do).

A business course on the legal aspects of starting, owning and running a business won’t take you months or thousands of dollars, but as you see, it can solve those most common legal problems….and many more in fact, but we can’t include everything here (although I must mention that we heard of a party trying to enforce a contract summarized on a napkin and signed in a pizzeria. Possible or not? You would know if you had taken a business legal course already!)

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