How To Stop Asking Embarrassing Business Law Questions

Do you agree that there aren’t silly questions?

And what about embarrassing ones?

A business client recently said that she was fed up with business partners looking down on her because she asked questions about what each and every legal term meant. “I can’t call you every time I don’t understand something….I feel like I need a detailed business law dictionary most of the time!”

No, you don’t need a dictionary.

(but if you want to finally speak legal, here you go)

Now, mind me that some business law questions are quite in place:

To your lawyer, you can ask whatever you feel like, no drama there. She will be happy to answer all kind of questions and help you feel comfortable with any legal decisions you’re taking together.

In contracts, when clauses are vague it’s imperative that you ask for clarification.

But asking what’s a director’s guarantee when you’re the director of a company is quite embarrassing.

And it can cost you the respect of your colleagues and sometime might be the first step you take to new employment. As a business owner, embarrassing business law questions might make your counterpart think they can mislead you into commitments you didn’t want to make or be a deal breaker.

Don’t panic! Here is what to do:

Education is the key.

No, you don’t need a business degree, thank heaven!

But you need either….

….a basic business law book for non-lawyers

….to read our blog

….a basic business law training or workshop for non-lawyers

….contact your local government for information and leaflets

….join a community of other business owners that support each other

Look at business law the same way you look at accounting: you don’t need to do the job but you need to know what the expert is doing.

In the same way that you hire your financial advisor, it’s wise to have a legal advisor (business lawyer).

For example, our Law For Non Lawyers workshops take only 2 hours of your time but enrich you with case studies and information that is vivid for taking informed legal decisions.

That’s all. You will be surprised how much you can learn in two hours or from a 50-page book.

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