Our instructor-led workshops are the best way to understand business law in a supportive and fun environment.

Face to face courses typically give you the opportunity to participate in an interactive learning environment, ask your instructor questions and meet other professionals dealing with similar issues to you. Learn from the experience of others and let others learn from you in our classrom-style training facilities. Network, learn and grow in our dynamic learning environments.

Women’s Guide To Business Law: Expanding The Business

The world of online sales and services If going overseas with your business, delivering products internationally or working with clients from different cultures sounds scary, this business law course will make you confident and empower you to take the leap.

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Women’s Guide To Business Law: Building a Business

Women entrepreneurs often have the super hard task of building a business alone, and that’s not fun. If you want to do it with the help of other fantastic women like you, this business law course for women is the…

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Debt Recovery for Business

Would you like to minimise bad debt? This course provides business owners with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to enhance debt collection and recovery rates.
Practical hands on course designed to assist small business recover debts without expensive legal fees.

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Law For Small Business

Law for Small Business is a half day course designed to give managers an introductory overview of legal issues. From contracts, company structures and IP to employment law and the uncharted territories of online and e-commerce law. Attend to gain…

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Law For Non Lawyers

This course is designed for people who work with lawyers or carry out paralegal functions, but have had little or no formal training on the legal system. Topics include the structure of the legal system, how laws are made, the roles played by barristers, solicitors, judges, witnesses, court processes, and the way in which the law and legal system impact upon the participants’ employment duties.

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Work Health And Safety Legislation – The Fundamentals

Do you genuinely understand all of your duties under the new work health and safety legislation? If your answer is no you are already at risk.
The new legislation places greater obligations than we have ever seen before on organisations and individuals to ensure the health and safety of those affected by their business or undertaking.

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Employment Law Essentials For Managers

Employment law has been changing at a rapid pace in the last few years. This has made it increasingly difficult for managers and supervisors to maintain their knowledge of the legal framework applying to employment. This course is designed to provide managers and supervisors with an overview of the current legal frameworks relevant to the day to day operations of an organisation.

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Commercial Maritime Contracts For Non Lawyers

Most international sales, whether on CIF, FOB or other terms, include an obligation to transport the goods from one country to another. Worldwide, ships are the primary vehicle for performing contracts for the carriage of goods. This course analyses the close links between the two main contracts: of sale and carriage. It will discuss the relationship between the typical documents and the liabilities that arise out of the contracts, revealing key pitfalls and opportunities for strategic advantage.

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Agents In The Maritime Industry

The shipping business is primarily an international business. For example, ships might be owned in one country, insured in a different country, hired by a person in third country, and carry cargoes from a fourth country to a fifth country. If agency is new to you, this intensive two-day course will help you to identify these legal and practical issues. Meanwhile if you are already a professional in the shipping business, the course will refresh and deepen your knowledge and aid your professional development.

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