Sample Employee Agreements for Small Business Owners

Having an employment contract is not a sign of professionalism, it’s a must for every business owner that wants to build a sustainable business and good relationships. But how many of you have a termination contract ready to use when employees leave? And do you actually need one? Read on to never be caught unprepared in the vast variety of employment situations business owners find themselves in.

Employing people is the heaven and hell of running a business. Even if you think you are good with people, they might not really be good with you.

Employment relationships are complex because they involve personal, business and financial issues, and thus the need for clear legal agreements to guide those relationships and make sure they are beneficial for all sides.

Employment law is also one of the most regulated legal aspects of a business and that’s why so many small business owners make mistakes as hiring contractors when they need employees or failing to address discrimination issues in contracts.

If you have decided to hire your first employee, congratulations on your growing business.

The process and legal and reporting requirements might seem overwhelming at first but if you start on the right track you will get the hang of it quickly.

You can find enormous amount of resources and various reporting and legal templates on the FairWork Ombudsman website.

Before you give up on the idea of hiring your first employee because of the overwhelming paperwork, calm down and look at the

5 Sample Employee Agreements For Small Business Owners

that are enough to get you started without any risk for your company assets.

Letter of engagement

A letter of engagement is a useful document to use when informing employees of your intention to hire them under certain conditions. It is a letter including information on start date, position, hours of work, and pay and other entitlements. Those details can be negotiated and adjusted before the contract is signed.

Sample full-time employment contract

Those are the most common types of contracts that you will need to sign with every person that comes to work for you. Make sure that all the clauses protect your business, give clear information and are fair to the employee. Don’t leave anything to the guesses. Full and part-time employment contract are very alike – you will need to adjust the full-time contract to fit part-time needs. Contracts may vary greatly industry to industry and the sample here includes just the basic requirements for a contractual relationship.

Sample contractor agreement

Sometimes you might need a one-time service or an ongoing service that can’t be classified as a full time employee. For more information on the differences between contractors and employees refer to the infographic here.

Sample non-disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement)

A confidentiality agreement is as common as paper clips these days. Even if you don’t think you have anything to hide or keep confidential, such an agreement will make sure that you and employees can trust each other until the natural trust is build and beyond that. A confidentiality agreement is also important with contractors and trainees that won’t be allowed to use your methods elsewhere.

Sample termination agreement

Termination contracts can be as important as employment contracts. Termination contracts aren’t termination letters that inform the employee of the termination of their contracts. The termination contract is a post-factum non-disclosure agreement that also makes sure the employee won’t change their mind about unfair practices or request a higher severance pay at a later time. Basically it means your business is protected from copy-cats and lawsuits.

Feel free to download and use those employment agreements as guidelines for your own business or come to one of our next events to get more in-depth knowledge of employment law.

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DISCLAIMER: Those sample contracts and agreements are for information purposes only. Aquarius Education doesn’t accept any responsibility or liability for issues arising from those templates and strongly advises you to contact a lawyer to help you out in drafting contracts and agreements specifically designed for your business.