Small Business Law Infographic – What Do You Need: Legal Training or a Lawyer?

What do you do when you need to take a legal decision related to your business?

Do you just browse the Internet, call your lawyer or buy a book?

How do you decide if you can handle it or you (or some of your employees) really need the training?

The following small business law infographic shows a break down of the main legal challenges that small businesses face and what to do in each case – call a lawyer or look for a workshop.

You can download the high quality PDF version of the infographic here.

Legal Training or Lawyer

Remember that handling legal issues without the necessary knowledge or skills can cost you your business and reputation. You don’t want to find out how bad it can be. Successful businesses know the law and use it to their advantage.

You can download the high quality PDF version of the infographic here.

Get legal training or call a lawyer.

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