Small Business Law Resource: Steps To Hiring Your First Employee as a Company, Sole Trader or Partnership

Even if you are a small business or startup there comes a moment when you just can’t do it all yourself…

And that good news!

It means you business is growing.

But hiring your first employee is a big step that carries a lot of responsibility. From both personal, financial, business and legal perspective.

To make the process of recruiting, hiring and managing employees a little easier for you we have prepared a business resource that outlines the basic steps you need to take to hire your first employee.

We have more good news: you can hire employees no matter your business structure!

So dig in and we hope the best employee that will help your business thrive.


Not sure what kind of employee you need? Want to know the difference between employees and contractors?

Lear more about Employee Classification in Australia here.

Download the resource here:


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