The Definitive Guide To Starting a Business [Infographic]

Staring a business can be messy and confusing despite all of the free resources and information online.

In fact, even more so because of it.

We understand that not every entrepreneur is an accountant, Google search expert, lawyer, marketer or even good with numbers!

You don’t have to be any of these things. But you need to follow the rules if you want to build a business that lasts.

And that’s not as hard as you might think (or the overwhelming amounts of information online might leave you thinking).

Staring a business in Australia is actually as easy as 1, 2, 3….13! and we made an infographic

The Definitive Guide To Starting a Business In Australia

for you to follow step by step and start your successful business.

Download the high quality PDF (2) 9615 9635-2

Download the high quality PDF here

And we know that even 13 steps might seem like a lot of work, research, phone calls and applications. So we made it even simpler for you.

Below you can find all the websites and resources that you will need to start and run a business as a legally savvy entrepreneur:

Decide on a business structure here

Register a business name here

Register in the tax office

Obtain permits and licenses

Learn about employment law

Learn about contracts law here

More on the privacy act here

Visit a legal workshop here

Apply for financing here

Find a trusted accountant and lawyer here

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