What Every Street Smart Business Owner Knows About Social Media Law

What Every Street Smart Business Owner Knows About Social Media LawWhat Every Street Smart Business Owner Knows About Social Media LawHave you ever held a Facebook contest or a giveaway?

Have you at least planned one?

I bet you haven’t thought about the social media law behind contests and how it can not only get your page banned but your business fined.

What is social media law?

If you get the goosebumps when business law is mentioned, you are not the only one. It’s like housework – the more you do it, the more there is to do, it never seems to end and there is always something new coming up which makes it extremely hard to stay on top of it all. It’s also why most people hate it.

Social media law doesn’t concern busınesses exclusıvely but here in particular I want to discuss what it means for your business.

Social media law for business is an integral part of…..

….the way you treat customers, followers and prospects online.

….the way you communicate online and on social media (the law also covers email, blogs, messaging apps, forums, etc. so it isn’t strictly limited to social media)

….the things you can and can’t share online.

….the way you manage your business pages.

….the way your employees communicate with each other and with customers and partners.

….the way you can present your product or services.

….the contest you can hold.

….the way employees and partners talk about your company at work and at home.

….employment law best practices.

You see, social media law is in all of your online communications even at home. That’s why most business owners see it as hindering communications and just another regulation to adhere to.

But street smart business owners don’t.

What street smart business owners tell us about social media law

That it’s useful.

And that every smart business owner can use it to her advantage.

Business law and social media law isn’t here to hinder your business, it’s here to help establish relationships based on integrity.

The problem is that most managers and entrepreneurs have no idea how to use it and what to do with it.

Well, here are a few tips:

  • set standard guidelines and templates for answering customer and prospect inquiries, comments and questions online.
  • set strict communication rules that outline words and phrases to be used and such that don’t belong in your company’s vocabulary
  • agree with your employees what they can share in email, blogs and social media and monitor conversations that concern your industry and business
  • make a list of items that are okay and not okay to share online including images from the office, company data, how the day went, etc.
  • establish a framework and policy for managing social media account – what we do and not do after consulting the policies of the social media platform
  • create rules for integrity in online communications the same as in the conference room
  • commit to staying truthful in your advertising and content creation
  • consult relevant laws and establish a blueprint for holding contests and giveaways
  • create common courtesy rules that adhere to discrimination and defamation laws for communication in and out of the office when posting online
  • make sure all your policies adhere to employment and competition laws

How can you do this you ask?

The same way you establish all kinds of rules in your company – with a policy! This time it will be a social media policy and it will help you achieve all of the above. One thing to make sure is that your company policy doesn’t break any business laws. That’s why, if I were you, I’d run it through my business lawyer before making anyone sign it.

Final words on social media law

Street smart business owners never see the law as a threat but as an opportunity to be the pioneer in developing sustainable business relationship and a compelling workplace. To start doing that right away you will need to begin crafting your social media policy. It’s the most important tool for leveraging social media law for your business success now and in the future.

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