What Successful Business Managers Do Right (But Almost Nobody Talks About)

Why do people start businesses?

The simple answer is that they want to be successful in their own way.

And that can mean 100 different things. We recently came across a publication where business owners share what success means to them and the variety of answers was stunning.

For some success is setting and achieving goals, for some it is helping others, and for some it is constant learning.

But we can all agree that moving forward is seen as success in business – having bigger offices, more employees, more customers, better brand recognition, more bills paid on time….

And it seems that some do it quite easily while others struggle. No question here.

So what is that thing that

Successful Managers Do Right?

It is a bit strange that very few people talk about this essential habit or business activity.

It is continuous education.

Now you are probably thinking that there are hundreds of things that fall into the success equation and it can’t only be learning. We are not saying that continuous learning is the ONLY condition for success but that it is one that you can’t achieve much without.

And let us tell you why: The jobs that were most in demand in 2014 did not exist in 2004. The environment in which businesses operate is so rapidly changing that you have no other way to stay current than to commit to never stop learning.

When was the last time that you were sure what the procedure is for obtaining some permit just to be surprised by the changes that have taken place?

It happens all the time and surprises are neither pleasant nor healthy for business.

Continuous learning empowers you to be prepared for all contingencies and take the best, most effective decisions for the business.

And this is how you become a successful business manager.

The really strange thing for us is that almost nobody talks about continuous learning as a business success tool. It seems that nowadays everyone is trying to sell you an expensive advertising package or a marketing technique that can save your business.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Learning is the real secret behind success. The reason is that knowledge is power.

Where Should You Start?

As a business owner, manager or entrepreneur you want to start from where the biggest holes exist in your business. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Look at the expenses for the last year: where did you spend the most money that didn’t directly relate to business development? (a bank loan due to low debt recovery rate or a marketing agency because of the lack of a trained employee?)
  2. Look at the plans for 2014 and the actual results: what went wrong or didn’t get done? (that’s probably where you need additional experience or skills)

After you analyze where your business can get patched up you need to identify those challenges as opportunities to improve the business. In fact every problem you have is a chance for your business to operate better and make more money.

After you choose the areas where more competences and skills are needed it is time to decide who needs them. Is it you? Is it one of your employees?

Before taking this decision it is important to remember tow things:

  1. You can’t do everything yourself if you want a prosperous business.
  2. Employee training is a proven tool for increasing motivation and retention of top talent.

That’s it: now you are ready to be a successful business manager as well. Real success comes from moving forward and adapting to changes as they happen. Learning more every day, but just exactly what and as much as you need is a unique advantage not many businesses have nowadays.

You might have known how to do it right yesterday, but today is a new day.

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