Why invest in small business law course (when you can learn almost anything online free)

2014 was the year of the free ebook. Not only that, but we saw free webinars, courses, hundreds of thousands of blog posts, podcasts and articles full of useful information.

Especially when it comes to legal information, even your local government provides it for free. Then it’s quite logical for you to ask yourself

Why Invest In a Small Business Law Course

You don’t need to pay for something you can get for free right? Even more, if you are a startup entrepreneur every single cent matters and a couple of hundred dollars are really something.

Then why do small business owners keep signing up for legal courses?

We went a step further than everyone else to find out and present you the list of

the 4 top reasons to invest in a law course

(regardless all of the free information on and offline):

1. Time

Okay, you don’t have money for a legal course, but do you have hours to spend daily and look for information online? Neither do most entrepreneurs. A basic legal course will take you no more than a day but will save you hours of sleepless nights reading through legislations.

Plus, you can never be 100% sure that the information you find online is correct unless it comes from a reputable lawyer.

2. Education and information are not the same

There is a huge difference between information and education – courses include interactive examples, case studies, multimedia and practical exercises that not only show you how but ask you to apply what you have learned.

Education creates skills and competences – it provides knowledge. Information, on the other hand, passes from through brains and is not even recorded unless repeated again and again.

Courses give you education. Ebooks take space on your hard drive.

3. The unique role of the course leader

Learning by yourself might be cheap but the result will be cheap as well. The unique opportunity to meet and talk to a professional lawyer at a business law course can literally save your business.

Even though the course covers only consumer law, for example, your course leader will be happy to answer questions regarding employment or torts as well. In addition, she has the experience that no one single ebook can provide you with.

It’s always better with a teacher (be careful to chose the right instructor with good credentials and a good educational experience).

4. It’s in the details

When I Google search “employment law” I get all these general articles with hundreds of links to legislations. And I just want my question answered!

This is what happens with the information overload online – it is too general and does not provide you with skills. We see it this way – the information online should orientate you what kind and which courses you should be taking but is never enough especially when it comes to complex topics.

There is a lot of valuable and helpful information out there. However, it is rarely enough to protect your business. For that, you need education.

Entrepreneurs say that a survival law course helped them feel confident in their business and be sure that the have rules and regulations on their side every single day.

In the end, learning the ins and outs of legal gives you the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing always (plus it saves you hours of research and huge amounts of money in legal fees).

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