Our instructor-led workshops are the best way to understand business law in a supportive and fun environment.

Face to face courses typically give you the opportunity to participate in an interactive learning environment, ask your instructor questions and meet other professionals dealing with similar issues to you. Learn from the experience of others and let others learn from you in our classrom-style training facilities. Network, learn and grow in our dynamic learning environments.

Our Courses

Women’s Guide To Business Law: Expanding The Business

Growing your business to become the next Sara Blakely is a dream come true! But it can turn into a legal nightmare with international business laws, returns and refunds, and director’s responsibilities. If you too think like Katherine, your

Women’s Guide To Business Law: Building a Business

Building a business is a way for many women to feel empowered, leave a legacy and follow their dreams, just like Katherine, your instructor. She knows first hand what it is to be a woman in business and has a few very tricky tips for you!

Women’s Guide To Business Law: Starting a Business

Starting your own business is away for many women to feel empowered and follow their dreams, just like Katherine, your instructor that has experienced first hand what it is to be a women in business and has a few very tricky tips for you!

Debt Recovery For Business

This course conducts a mock court scenario to provide participants with an experience similar to an actual Local Court trial. It will be interactive with attendees engaged in the theatre of the presentation as either participants or

Law For Small Business

Law For Non Lawyers

This course is designed for people who work with lawyers or carry out paralegal functions, but have had little or no formal training on the legal system.

Work Health And Safety Legislation – The Fundamentals

The new legislation places greater obligations than we have ever seen before on organisations and individuals to ensure the health and safety of those affected by their business or undertaking.

Employment Law Essentials For Managers

Employment law has been changing at a rapid pace in the last few years. This has made it increasingly difficult for managers and supervisors to maintain their knowledge of the legal framework applying to employment.

Commercial Maritime Contracts For Non Lawyers

Most international sales, whether on CIF, FOB or other terms, include an obligation to transport the goods from one country to another. Worldwide, ships are the primary vehicle for performing contracts for the carriage of goods

Agents In The Maritime Industry

The shipping business is primarily an international business. For example, ships might be owned in one country, insured in a different country, hired by a person in third country, and carry cargoes from a fourth country to a fifth country.

Contract Law Fundamentals For Non Lawyers

PNG has enjoyed over ten years of uninterrupted economic growth, with strong performance in recent years serving to reinforce its growing stature in the Asia Pacific region. This economic growth has been driven by Liquefied

Maritime Law For Non Lawyers

This course provides participants with a fundamental grounding in key areas of maritime and shipping law which is important for working in the shipping, trade, ports, marine environment, regulatory and governmental policy areas

About Katherine Hawes

Katherine Hawes has 20 years experience as a lawyer and business owner. She started her first small business at the age of 16. Katherine is passionate about assisting business owners to understand legal matters and would rather help people proactively with education and training rather than meeting them when something goes wrong. Katherine has seen many companies not succeed because the owners did not know the law.


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